An unexpected Gift!

April 9, 2011

WE’VE GOT COVERAGE and will be heard by up to 3.5 MILLION people! Below this announcement I tell you how it came down.


Sorry for the late notice, but such is life!

I hooked up with a Blogtalk Radio hostto participate in this show which will be covering Spiritual Abuse by the Clergy. What’s very cool is we are getting hooked in to a Network and will get RE-BROADCAST on two larger shows in NY and Houston for a week as well; potentially 3.5 Mil. listeners!!

Tuesday, April 12 at 8-9PM EASTERN / 5-6PM PACIFIC time

Yes, the show will be on live and listeners can call in to participate, : 714-364-4731 Press 1 to signal if you have a question.

About 20 minutes after the show concludes, it will be available to listen to download on demand.


Sunday 4/17 it will air nightly for 7 days at 8:30pm ET on, and 9PM CT on

No guarantee how long I will be on as other guests will be sharing the space, but I will be prepared to stoke some fires!

I subscribe to a publicity newsletter of producers seeking guests on their shows. They were seeking guests to speak of Predators in the Pulpit, but I saw a different angle! Here was the query I made that got us a spot:

EXPAND YOUR DEFINITION: USE THIS RESOURCE How about including the legions of children who were taught by or under the care of Roman Catholic Nuns and physically and emotionally abused? The children absorbed both carnal and spiritual abuses galore from “God’s representatives on Earth”. A typical internalization that takes a lifetime to work through is “I am BAD in the eyes of my Creator”.The harrowing thing is that the volume of abuse doled out by Nuns DWARFS that meted out by priests during the 1940’s through 1980’s.

In May 2009, incensed by all the coverage being given to sexually abusive priests, I vented my spleen in a Blog – In it I, recounted my own experiences at the hands of Dominican Nuns from 1956 to 1964 in Brooklyn, N.Y.. To my surprise that one blog drew testimonies from around the world from people in their 40’s to 60’s and older who suffered terribly at the hands of Catholic Nuns as well. The heartbreaking thing about it all was many thought they were nuts most of their lives and barely believed such things had happened to them! I consciously began to build a safe-haven for people to come to to speak out.

I’m offering you this resource so you can read some of
these responses for yourself. I offer this out a sense of
obligation to the people who wrote in and then — even
cooler than anything! — started offering each other
support! I’m really not crazy about becoming the Poster Boy
for Child Abuse at the hands of Nuns — I’m working hard on
other creative endeavors, but since my name is on this and
it’s an issue that MUST be addressed, if I’m called on to
speak up, I will; and I betcha a buck, a lot of others will
join me!

They dug it; we talked and BOOM! here we are!

I’m going to write a doozy of a blog tonite and publish it just before the show; watch for it.


Child Molesting with no Consequences? Get Frocked!

March 10, 2011

In the comments section of my initial rant about Catholic Nuns came this, from Frank:

Philadelphia Grand Jury names 21 priests

get this – A Grand Jury indictment and they’re placed on leave!!!!

Here’s the script: “deny, pre-varicate, shift the focus, cover-up, deflect, obfuscate, downplay, obstruct, placate, minimalise … But whatever you do, don’t take any real action!!”

These are the essential steps being passed down from Pope to Cardinal to Archbishop to Bishop in “The Paedophile Shuffle” the wildly popular dance craze that has swept through the Church hierarchy worldwide for more than a decade, whereby you skilfully manoeuvre problem priests from parish to parish with hardly anyone noticing!!

I’m not particularly crazy about having to take a position on stuff like this.

My focus now is largely on building a foundation in other aspects of my work. I really don’t want to get “identified” as one taking a stance against the Catholic Church, but when things like this happen I have to scream in outrage!

Yet, my rancor is really not directed at the Catholic Church.

Forgive me, but I’m a Simpleton. I’m under the impression that if I were to be caught or suspected of messing with the genitals of children I would not have the luxury of suspension from anything, I’d have a view out the window of a holding facility!

I thought this was a crime?

Could you or I get away with having our freedom while evidence piles up against us making clear that we were part of a conspiracy of adults to strip the innocense of children away from them while protecting each other from any consequences whatsoever?

They throw guys in jail for possessing pictures of children having sex for Chrissakes! Under any other circumstances, this would be called a Child-Rape Ring!

We would let these guys walk the streets? Looks to me like we are.

If you have a frock, I guess it’s okay to physically molest children because, why? You are a representative of Christ? The Separation of Church and State? Maybe it’s a Mafia thing and the DA’s worried about getting popped? Wait a minute, you’re talking PRIESTS here, firetender.

You’re right; child molesters have definite scruples when it comes to harming adults! Maybe it’s because adults can defend themselves and don’t buy into the “man of God” thing so easily.

As Men of Christ, logic dictates that they would be held to a higher standard by everyone, especially themselves. But no, for some reason they are granted something more than Diplomatic Immunity, let’s call it Ecclesiastic Immunity and we, the people, grant it to them.

It’s an Insanity Defense but what’s insane is that WE are defending THEM.

Let them get their Due Process, but like the average Joe Child Molester, let them be escorted from jail, and enter Court in handcuffs.

Why is NO ONE talking about this as if these priests had committed CRIMINAL acts?

The Grand Jury comes back with findings, so the Church “suspends” 21…

oh, I’m sorry, did I say TWENTY-FRIKKIN’-ONE! priests?

Who are they, anyway? I thought there was a mandatory registration of sex offenders? Guess that doesn’t count with priests; we can’t even have access to their names!

Could I possibly be the only one who is questioning this? What is the DA waiting for?

Building Abusers

February 13, 2011

I must admit to a certain bit of reluctance to continually come back to this blog because each time I do, there I am, re-living a little piece of the trauma. But I’m compelled to because;

#1. After about 54 years I still have to get it OUT!

#2. Maybe someone needs to hear it besides me

So I let it sit without comment for weeks at a time, and during that time, of course, because this Blog is part of my life story now, ideas percolate. Also, I become inspired by other contributors — especially the ones, like Robert who wasn’t quite sure if the Blog was  still operational. Even I forget sometimes that fire needs continual attention!

A theme that has kept coming up for me as I search for better understanding of the topic of abuse at the hands of nuns is that sexual repression makes you act weird.

What became the icing on the cake were some on-line article speaking of the development of an iPhone application to help Catholics prepare for confession (these are quotes from a couple of sources with links):

The app’s designers and some believers see it as a way to spur Catholics back into the habit of repenting…”There’s a reason we designed it for these mobile devices: We want you to go to confession,” said Patrick Leinen, one of the developers and a co-founder of the company Little iApps.

The text-based app takes the user through the Ten Commandments, with a slew of questions attached to each, a process known as an examination of conscience, which penitents undergo before confession.

Questions range from “Have I wished evil upon another person?” to “Have I used any method of contraception or artificial birth control in my marriage?” and users can check a box next to each sin they’ve committed.


The firm said the content of the app was developed with the help of Reverend Thomas Weinandy of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Reverend Dan Scheidt, pastor of Queen of Peace Catholic Church in Mishawaka, Indiana.


Maureen Dowd at the NYTimes notes that the hot new app

Walks you through the Ten Commandments, your examination of conscience and any “custom sins” you might have…

For instance, if you sign in as a 15-year-old girl and look under the Sixth Commandment, one of the questions is: “Do I not treat my body or other people’s bodies with purity and respect?” If you sign in as a 33-year-old married man, that commandment offers this query: “Have I been guilty of masturbation?”Under the Sixth Commandment, men and women are asked: “Have I been guilty of any homosexual activity?” Priests, however, are not. They are asked if they flirt.

Something evil has been done and you better note it and be clear on it. This, they say, will help you repent you evil creature you!

But when you scan through the list, a kind of “decision-tree” custom-designed to make you face your personal collection of miserable, (literally!) hell-bent sins, so much of it is about judging the experience of normal sexual desires.

Sure, the idea is keep a handle on ACTING OUT your baser instincts, but according to the app tracking your evil means  judging yourself first about things that will throw you into Eternal Damnation:  homosexuality, masturbation, fantasizing, making remarks and even having all the thoughts associated with sexual expression.

Let’s mention this one more time for the hell of it: the consequence of transgression is ETERNAL DAMNATION!

The Church was fine about the app at first. Here in the U.S. (referenced above) a number of Catholic Bishops supported it as a tool to help facilitate preparation for Confession, but then, when there was an implication that you could also receive a form of absolution WITHOUT being physically in front of a Priest, well, then, the Church had a fit!

After all, once you step inside the Church, and go to the Confessional, it is customary to make a donation “to the poor.” But they have to make sure you step inside!

Priests catch the flak these days, DECADES after their despicable actions. Nuns, as yet have basically gotten off Scott-free, yet that all is diversionary. How could it be otherwise because not one iota of focus is being placed on   the stuff that drives Priests and Nuns to taking their crap out on the Innocent.

What the app claims to help you regulate, my Friends, is the very STUFF that makes Priests and Nuns take their frustrations out on kids!

It’s all about STOPPING the natural flow of energy. Sexual energy is a (literally!) potent force. The energy has to go somewhere, but let me ask you this:

How come Buddhist Monks aren’t out there messing with little children but Priests and Nuns are? They both focus on sexual energy don’t they?

Perhaps there is a significant difference between holding back sexual expression because it will merit you Eternal Damnation and holding it back because it is a distraction from what is real.

Real is somewhere you want to be, Eternal Damnation is somewhere that you want to avoid at all costs, but because being human with human desires automatically qualifies you for failure, you’re gonna lose anyway so what the hell! As a human being you are in the midst of a very twisted conflict.

Whereas other religious orientations channel the energy, Catholicism CORKS it. Just like with a volcano, when something shifts underneath the surface and the lava starts flowing into the chambers again, pressure builds up and up and then…BOOM!

If Priests are the tip of the iceberg and Nuns are below the surface, what do you do with all the parents who brought children into the world due to an obligation to procreate manufactured by the Church and then go on to perpetuate abuse?

The Church is actively putting Innocents into harms way by MANDATING that everyone conceived gets born; regardless of the circumstances they are born in to. Now we’re going into a tailspin because that’s talking of abortion, how can I weasel out of this one?

My point is the orientation of the Church continues to make it likely, if not probable that children get hurt.

If not through the declaration that their normal sexual feelings will doom them to hell, then through placing their bodies into the care of individuals whose own sexual expression has been so controlled, they are likely to explode at any time.

Like I keep saying; the whole system is sick.


January 19, 2011



and add a comment

OMG What Did I DO?

January 15, 2011

I think I goofed, or Providence stuck its finger where the sun don’t shine in me!

While doing a Google search for new articles, I came across this…

So I read the article and its comments. In the comments were a couple of people, just like us, who caught the whip and hadn’t much talked about it.

Thusly inspired, I wrote this and tried to add it in as a comment:

There are incredible numbers of people who have been abused by Catholic Nuns. The priest scandal is BARELY the tip of the iceberg indicating a core sickness in the basic execution of the Catholic Church.

The Church, by not facing its underlying problems, like a child-molester, should be banned from having any contact whatsoever with children. There is NOTHING that has changed in the way they do things to indicate our children are safe in their care. Every piece of evidence shows avoidance of responsibility while minimizing the financial impact on their institution.

But that’s only my point-of-view, and it’s part of a much larger movement who’s time has come.

In 2009 I wrote a piece for my “a firetender’s blog”. It was just meant to vent a bit of my pain, having been a victim of what I understood to be a “cultural reality” of my times; the license granted to nuns of the Catholic faith to physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually abuse children. This was my reality and like so many of my peers, I’ve spent my LIFE sorting through, facing, and working through the traumas.

Something like this happened; one morning, I checked in to my barely used blog and I found 50 comments, including MANY stories of similar abuses! And SO many of them were my brothers and sisters, my peers, now somewhere in around their Sixth Decade on the planet, talking about this stuff FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!

This thing is growing and we need your help. Here’s why: We haven’t really had permission to share our stories. They are so unbelievable and we’ve had to build up so many defenses around them that the only people who could begin to grasp the impact these influences had on our lives are those who’ve suffered through it themselves.

But this ain’t about suffering!

Please visit and contribute! The blog has grown into a resource AND safe-haven for the expression of honest feelings and experiences. Its purpose is to provide a venue for people to make their experiences real and begin talking about them and working through them. It offers new perspectives and — not by my design but by its natural evolution — is becoming a place where people come to help each other!

That is the fire I’m getting called on to tend.

I realized this site is not about protest or vengeance on the Church or anyone. That’s an energy-suck. But I’m from Brooklyn and I always have a hidden agenda; I figure if we put all our focus and attention on helping each other, MANY MORE of us will show up, WORD WILL GET OUT, PEOPLE WILL LISTEN and the next step will be revealed to us.

Everything else will take its proper place from there. I have faith in it.

And then I tried to get it posted but something, I don’t know what, screwed it up, or no confirmation came through or maybe, it actually went through.

The first thing I realized is I forgot to put in the URL for this blog, I put in my URL, but that’s okay, they can probably Google us!

THEN, scrolling to the top of the article to see if I missed anything, I saw the name of the on-line publication I tried to put this in to:


We may have just parachuted into enemy territory. And then again…

Echoes of Abuse

January 10, 2011

Through working with myself and many others, I have come to a theory that helps me to better come to terms with how pain shapes our lives.

Developmentally, in broad strokes, the first ten or so years of our lives are spent trying to “size up,” get a sense of what the world is that we have been born in to. We are trying out our “earth suits”. If you’ve ever watched an infant getting used to being in the confines of skin, you’ll understand.

But we are also coming to terms with the nature of the world around us. What is this world, and who are we in it?

They say that the “power of reason” takes root some time around our tenth year, when we begin to fully realize that we are a separate entity and that the actions we take have consequences. We appear to not know this very well intellectually before this time.

The consequences of our actions  can roughly be translated as what happens when we express ourselves as we want to in the moment. We do something, act a certain way, use certain words and then something happens to either encourage or discourage our repeating it.

Based on the dominant experiences we have, essentially how adults treat us around certain behaviors, we begin to make decisions about “This is what the world is. This is what my life is in relation to others. This is how things go when I let myself be that.” This filter, or mode of interpretation of our experience, persists throughout our lives.

In terms of my own experience with nuns, by the age of 6 my childish mind understood that women were unpredictable, violent and dangerous. At any time, my body was theirs, they could take it, harm it and not suffer any consequences. They were the embodiment of power and it really didn’t matter if I knew it was abusive, that is what power was all about. Compared to the female nuns, the male priests were without life and impotent.

The process of living, of course, exposed me to other types of women. I learned as I matured that there was a huge difference, even a core sickness to nuns that “real” women did not share. But still, those negative impressions of what is the essence of woman lingered.

Often, without knowing it, when placed in a situation with a powerful woman, my body would have to “adjust” as I internally assessed the level of danger that I was really in, or the amount of safety I could count on.

The point I’m trying to make is that many of these experiences were seen unconsciously first through the filter of the past. Oftentimes we have to work that much harder to see or experience what is really in front of us.

To give an illustration, let’s use anger. Have you ever been in a situation where, without understanding why, a few words said a certain way make you furious and you have to calm yourself down before you can really respond appropriately? The roots of that are often the perceptions of your six year old overriding what is in the Now.

For children who grow up in a largely safe and supportive environment, the most important understanding that guides their actions the rest of their lives is that the world is, at least, something flexible upon which they can have an effect.

They may not get everything they want, but they can ask without fear of derision or retaliation. They are more akin to growing up with the tree’s innate awareness that bending with, rather than fighting against or protecting from, assures longevity.

For those of us who have been more traumatized, however, the understanding of what life is is considerably different. The biggest stumbling blocks of my life have followed the theme of, without my recognizing it, treating the world and its people as if I were still in my childhood.  In that way, the world I knew as a six year old–a world full of fear, self-protection, solitude, distrust, and chaos– became the world I was living in.

As I work with others–and continue to work with myself–I see the biggest challenge is in experiencing what is, rather than reacting to what was and passed long ago. Back then, there were only a few actions that could be taken to avoid trauma. The trick is to recognize there are many more options today.

The reason for this being such a difficult thing to shake is that, at the time, our very survival depended upon our working with that world as we knew it. Our behaviors were not guided by exploration or risk taking, they were guided by the best means of protection we could figure to forestall being harmed. When this happens, the only response is that.

There was no other world at the time. If we took the chance to gamble on there being a different type of world, chances are, at the age of six or so, we would be violently thrust right back into the world we originally feared!

A continuous cycle of reinforcement ensues. Once the outward circumstances change, as in getting old enough to move out of the abusive situation, there is a tendency to continue to seek out that which we know so well.

The impression of that threatening world got in largely non-verbally and viscerally, and without rational explanation. Our rate of recovery is proportional to the amount of time that we spend in a different, more safe and supportive world. But we DO have to impose a different awareness on our experience.

The glitch here is the innate desire to duplicate the familiar. There is not a one of us who has not been able to find a shred of security within the context of the traumatic worlds that we have been born into.

Even what others would describe as horrors are often interpreted as sources of love. In my case, for example, there was a part of me that didn’t feel loved until I got into a verbally violent argument with a woman in my life and then I was able to “soften” her.  To have that familiar experience of love, I sure had to start a lot of arguments!

Pain was what I understood as the gateway to love. There was no other, until I learned, by repeated exposure, that there is. And that takes time.

2010 in review

January 2, 2011

The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

Crunchy numbers

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A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers. This blog was viewed about 3,700 times in 2010. That’s about 9 full 747s.

In 2010, there were 7 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to 14 posts.

The busiest day of the year was November 4th with 152 views. The most popular post that day was Catholic Nuns, Child Abuse and Vows.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for abusive nuns, physical abuse by nuns in catholic school, child abuse by nuns, nun abuse, and abuse by catholic nuns.

NEW CATEGORY: Catholic Nuns, Child Abuse Survivors (CNCAS)

November 3, 2010

I’ve established a new category on my a firetender’s blog website so all the writings leading from my initial blog

Catholic Nuns, Child Abuse and Vows

will be in one central space.

Mahalo Nui Loa

Wopila Cepa

(A big fat thank you!)

Seeking Clarity on Catholic Church, Nuns, Child Abuse and Survivors

November 3, 2010

This site is highly volatile!

There’s a lot of Rage in here, names are being named, pain is being expressed and there’s even talk of murder and damnation!

Wasn’t murder mentioned? Okay, then…for years I was under the impression that were fate some day to put me in the vicinity of a Nun of any order laying a violent hand on a child, well…

Of course, these are mostly the voices of children that never got to be heard before, including mine. It’s a form of celebration really; and like they say, to every time there is a season.

To that end, I want to state my preference for what goes on here. I want there to be room for the expression of pain and rage and any emotion as long as it is not hurtful of the innocent. AND I want every one who contributes here to seek ways to share their experiences of recovery as well.

This is not all about venting,  though there’s room for it. Let’s just say since the intent is to make space for fresh air to come in, the site is about ventillation, NOT dumping. We are here to witness each other in our stories of abuse, NOT demanding that our readers carry them.

We are here to beckon in Allies; THIS IS A NUMBERS GAME, FOLKS!

I’m thinking in terms of this being a dynamic site, tolerant of very human behaviors and weaknesses yet, with an adult focus; to help each other and this gathering as a whole to build strength in numbers.

It’s all about breaking archaic shackles.

Now, here’s something very important for me to clarify. The Catholic Church is a container for much good, as well as evil. I know many of you do not feel hatred for the Church as expressed as a House of God, and, in fact continue to practice your faith there.

I can’t emphasize enough how important it is to me that EVERYONE scarred by abuse by Catholic Nuns has access to this site and feels welcomed and SAFE to be here. Perhaps ESPECIALLY those who still respect and embrace certain of the Institutional characteristics of the religion.

Also, I want to honor those of you who wish to make an impact from WITHIN the Church. I have no idea of where this is all going. I have a bottom line for myself that I’ll be talking about but really, all I’m doing is speaking my truth, making room for you and then, well, it’s kinda up to God ain’t it?

So let me get specific. I rant and rage against the institution, the Catholic Church. I call for it to take responsibility for itself and its abuses. I’m no fool, I know what a windmill looks like, and the Catholic Church is one with  spinning chain saws as blades! I will not die in an attempt to topple it, not for me, you, or anyone, child or adult.

But I’ll tell you why I’m here. Perhaps we can build a movement so strong that we can get legislation behind us that simply takes the Catholic Church AWAY from having any contact whatsoever with our children under 18 years of age.

Keep Confession, Communion, Sunday Mass, Confirmation, the statues, EVERYTHING; just don’t touch our children. That’s what I want to see, and, frankly, I do not care how it comes about.


I’m all for letting Catholic clergy deal with and minister to adults; they can protect themselves. But how could it be any more clear that the Institution no longer deserves the privelege of having access to our children?

The care of the emotional lives of children born to others is not a right, it is a sacred trust. The abuse of a child is a Mortal Sin. Mortal, as in, “You’re Dead!” (Funny, not once in the media coverage have I heard mention of the Spiritual implications of a Church managed by so many people guaranteed to land in Hell! Jesus, here comes another blog!)

Fifty years AFTER THE FACT, it begins to come to light that for at least a 30 year period the CULTURE of ALL the the hierarchy of Catholic Church had a “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy about child abuse. What’s worse is it established an almost complete dedication to assuring NO ONE in the clergy would suffer the consequences of their actions! Let’s call it “The Pedophile Priest Shuffle!”

Yes, some convictions slipped in, and now, all the focus is going toward male clergy, and we’re all watching as the Church squirms like a serpent trying to minimize the damage and reducing the financial impact. While individuals within the Church sometimes offer personal apologies, no one is saying it’s an Institution-wide cancer; they’re saying it’s all about a few wayward priests!


This is a simple pattern of conviction and escape, conviction and escape and minimal contrition with marginal reparations BECAUSE the majority of the cases have been INDIVIDUAL. This latest class-action in Ireland is probably the best thing that ever happened for us because it has set a precedent.

Consider all the incredible pain and expense each individual who challenged the Church on its abuse of themselves or their children. I don’t want me, you, or us to go through that. Right now, the ONLY important thing is we swell our numbers.

I’ll be making an announcement about some re-organizing of the blog, and some other sections that I’m building for this sacred space.

Articles I just added to our Reference Library, believe it or not even STUNNED ME! There was actually one describing how the internal culture of the Convent has been fraught with Priests raping Nuns and Lesbian Nuns in authority routinely raping Nuns in their charge, as well!

So, it could very well be a case of the shit of abuse running down hill but all that means is that every inch of the Institution is riddled with abuse, denial, excuses, and what else could there be but coverup, from the bottom to the top?!



Once we who represent what lies below the whitecaps on the iceberg show our numbers then there can be NO DOUBT the Church is a harborer and protector of child molesters. That must cease.

If an individual is CONVICTED of Child Molestation, there are laws PREVENTING him from having contact with children, and, in fact they make it mandatory that he identify himself and REGISTER as a Child Molester at each and every town he lives in.

Each and every Catholic Church, if its members are not actively involved in child molestation itself is part of a Institution, in part, DEFINED by supporting child molestation. Take the children out of the formula, FIRST, then talk to me about contributing to your “Poor Box”!

WHERE HAS ANYONE SAID; “Well, you know, back in 1980, we, the Catholic Church recognized we had a big problem going back into the 1950’s at least!  We recognized that and cracked down on our own people. Here are the programs and these are the actions we took. So yes, there are some that slipped through the cracks but, as you can see, WE HAVE ASSURED THAT NOTHING LIKE THAT WILL EVER HAPPEN AGAIN.”

Nothing even close to that ever happened. It’s like a pedophile telling the Judge, “Well, yes, your honor, the month that I held thirty-two children hostage and raped them all may not have been the best thing to do, but I beg your lenience because the night I killed those two, well Sir, that was a REALLY bad night!”


Yet, I don’t call out to topple the Church because, after all, even Registered Sex Offenders are not restricted from employment or other rights; they just can’t do ANYTHING that puts them in proximity to their prey.

At its very least, the Catholic Church has identified itself as a world-wide culture of human beings placed in positions of Spiritual leadership who routinely — and WITHOUT PUNISHMENT — are ALLOWED to molest the innocent AND each other.


Would that be enough for you? It would for me.

Where does it say that abusive behavior is protected under the Constitution of this nation? If such behavior is not tolerated by an individual, it should be made even more impossible for an institution to embody it.

We don’t even extend that right to our Corporations, and let’s face it, they have become the Godheads of our society.

Love the time you’ve been given!

your rabble-rousing firetender

Resources/Referrals Nuns Abuse

November 3, 2010

Did some Googling and came up with evidence that we’re not alone. Until I figure out a way to make resource sections more clear, if you have something to add, chime in with a BRIEF description and a LINK.

1) article re: nun’s abuse by an organization I’ll have to look more closely at SNAP which has been focusing on abuse by priests:

2) Another SNAP survivor’s Network focusing on nuns


More Info from SNAP

4) AND there’s no reason NOT to be aware of a contributing factor, NOT to let them off the hook but to illustrate sexual abuse is EMBEDDED in the Church, here’s an article on how they get as sick as they do!

5) and MORE on that…

6) Here’s another Abuse by Nuns Blog on WordPress, a year old

7) Just to ruin your lunch; More Horrors from Ireland:

8) Holy Moly; some actually paid off!


the 1st 2011 post; may there be many more!



(At this point in my life, I really seek to understand the bigger picture. This is one more piece to the puzzle in my discovery of the culture of which I was a part and victim of.

13) (Mar. 2010)


(Somebody sued!)

Here’s that National Catholic Review online

Here’s an interesting overview of current issues, with lots of valuable links.


A whole lot more people are talking. I’m adding these to our archive,

Abuse by Women Religious (nuns and sisters)  from SNAP

Catholic nuns also abused children

Lawsuit accuses Montana Nuns of child abuse

Roman Catholic Nuns torture & abuse children at Orphanages VIMEO video

Nuns among worst perpetrators of horrific violence and sex abuse in Jesuit-run schools and missions on Indian reservations

Sexual abuse by nuns may be last taboo (Ann Free Spirit has many entries regarding this!)

I told a lie and the nun beat me repeatedly with scissors’: Child abuse victim reveals his horror past

Catholic Nuns sexually abused children as much as priests (Video)

Victims of Nun’s Sex Abuse Need Our Compassion, Too

Nun abuse case held up by kids

Vatican’s worst enemy can’t be stopped

Nuncrimes at Blogspot