Nowwe’ve got some numbers going folks…


Irish Church apologies for the abuse of 10,000 girls a the hands of nuns!

If this doesn’t prove our point when we say the vast amount of NUMBERS of children abused by nuns eclipses that done by priests, I don’t know what will! 


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  1. Rita Says:

    Yes i came across your article on abuse in catholic establishments. I would like to talk to you further because in one of your articles you said alot of us feel were crazy or nuts on these memories we have. I was in an orphanage in Tenn and i have a checkered board memory of my first 11 yrs in this place. I’m starting to slowly get some memory back and don’t like where they’re taking me. I want to see if you have heard anything on this orphanage or as some officials told me my mind was making all this up. Please if you have time to respond I would greatly appreciate.

    • firetender Says:

      Welcome, Rita!

      I do not recall any specific posts here on orphanages in Tennessee, nor am I aware of any. But you’re in the loop now so perhaps someone else here will be able to help you on that one. I want to emphasize that there are reliable, trained and trustworthy counselors out there who have experience in working with people who are having to face memories long-suppressed and encourage you to seek help in sorting things out. But take time also to go through these posts because, at the very least, you’ll see you’re not alone and others like yourself have learned to face and work through the traumas.

  2. Charles Elmhurst Says:

    At the Catholic boarding school I went to, outgoing mail had to be left unsealed. Purportedly this was so they could enclose any notes to our parents without paying additional postage but the real reason was so that outgoing mail could be censored (thrown away unmailed) to cover up what went on. We had no access to a phone and went home only every 2 weeks.

    Although memories are painful it’s important to speak up (now that we are adults we are finally able to) so that we may prevent other defenseless children from having to go through what we did.

    The school I went to was Linton Hall

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