An unexpected Gift!

WE’VE GOT COVERAGE and will be heard by up to 3.5 MILLION people! Below this announcement I tell you how it came down.


Sorry for the late notice, but such is life!

I hooked up with a Blogtalk Radio hostto participate in this show which will be covering Spiritual Abuse by the Clergy. What’s very cool is we are getting hooked in to a Network and will get RE-BROADCAST on two larger shows in NY and Houston for a week as well; potentially 3.5 Mil. listeners!!

Tuesday, April 12 at 8-9PM EASTERN / 5-6PM PACIFIC time

Yes, the show will be on live and listeners can call in to participate, : 714-364-4731 Press 1 to signal if you have a question.

About 20 minutes after the show concludes, it will be available to listen to download on demand.


Sunday 4/17 it will air nightly for 7 days at 8:30pm ET on, and 9PM CT on

No guarantee how long I will be on as other guests will be sharing the space, but I will be prepared to stoke some fires!

I subscribe to a publicity newsletter of producers seeking guests on their shows. They were seeking guests to speak of Predators in the Pulpit, but I saw a different angle! Here was the query I made that got us a spot:

EXPAND YOUR DEFINITION: USE THIS RESOURCE How about including the legions of children who were taught by or under the care of Roman Catholic Nuns and physically and emotionally abused? The children absorbed both carnal and spiritual abuses galore from “God’s representatives on Earth”. A typical internalization that takes a lifetime to work through is “I am BAD in the eyes of my Creator”.The harrowing thing is that the volume of abuse doled out by Nuns DWARFS that meted out by priests during the 1940’s through 1980’s.

In May 2009, incensed by all the coverage being given to sexually abusive priests, I vented my spleen in a Blog – In it I, recounted my own experiences at the hands of Dominican Nuns from 1956 to 1964 in Brooklyn, N.Y.. To my surprise that one blog drew testimonies from around the world from people in their 40’s to 60’s and older who suffered terribly at the hands of Catholic Nuns as well. The heartbreaking thing about it all was many thought they were nuts most of their lives and barely believed such things had happened to them! I consciously began to build a safe-haven for people to come to to speak out.

I’m offering you this resource so you can read some of
these responses for yourself. I offer this out a sense of
obligation to the people who wrote in and then — even
cooler than anything! — started offering each other
support! I’m really not crazy about becoming the Poster Boy
for Child Abuse at the hands of Nuns — I’m working hard on
other creative endeavors, but since my name is on this and
it’s an issue that MUST be addressed, if I’m called on to
speak up, I will; and I betcha a buck, a lot of others will
join me!

They dug it; we talked and BOOM! here we are!

I’m going to write a doozy of a blog tonite and publish it just before the show; watch for it.


2 Responses to “An unexpected Gift!”

  1. Rich Taber Says:

    Now the time to walk the walk has arrived! I would be more than glad to add my experiences to this venue.

  2. Susanne Robertson Says:

    I, am Susanne Maloney Robertson and I am the Author of The Throw Away Child. I lived almost ten years of horrific abuse at the hands of the Catholic nuns at St Colmans Home for children. I have medical evidence of 11 old fractured ribs in my childhood all suffered at the hands of the nuns. I was tortured, physically, sexually, mentally and emotionally abused at the home. We could never tell anyone what happened to us there. We were warned of a more brutal hell if we did. I didn’t know what that would be and I never wanted to find out. I watched a small retarded boy beaten and he was dead within three days of that beating. I was raped and then taken to a home for retarded children whenI told what happened to me. I was told I was retarded because I dared to say what happened.
    I tried to get my records from the nuns and what they sent me said I was never injured or sick there. It also told me that in jr high school I weighed a mere 58 pounds. Some place that is and unfortunately it still exists today. Now it housed autistic and emotionally disturbed children. The nun who runs it now broke my nose in a fit of anger when I was 12 years old. Sometimes like today I have what I call a , day of tears for all of the losse and humilation that me and many others feel at the hands of the nuns who were supposed to protect us from harm. I have to wonder if justice will ever come or is it just a word thrown around to auswage the victims of the abuse.

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