Child Molesting with no Consequences? Get Frocked!

In the comments section of my initial rant about Catholic Nuns came this, from Frank:

Philadelphia Grand Jury names 21 priests

get this – A Grand Jury indictment and they’re placed on leave!!!!

Here’s the script: “deny, pre-varicate, shift the focus, cover-up, deflect, obfuscate, downplay, obstruct, placate, minimalise … But whatever you do, don’t take any real action!!”

These are the essential steps being passed down from Pope to Cardinal to Archbishop to Bishop in “The Paedophile Shuffle” the wildly popular dance craze that has swept through the Church hierarchy worldwide for more than a decade, whereby you skilfully manoeuvre problem priests from parish to parish with hardly anyone noticing!!

I’m not particularly crazy about having to take a position on stuff like this.

My focus now is largely on building a foundation in other aspects of my work. I really don’t want to get “identified” as one taking a stance against the Catholic Church, but when things like this happen I have to scream in outrage!

Yet, my rancor is really not directed at the Catholic Church.

Forgive me, but I’m a Simpleton. I’m under the impression that if I were to be caught or suspected of messing with the genitals of children I would not have the luxury of suspension from anything, I’d have a view out the window of a holding facility!

I thought this was a crime?

Could you or I get away with having our freedom while evidence piles up against us making clear that we were part of a conspiracy of adults to strip the innocense of children away from them while protecting each other from any consequences whatsoever?

They throw guys in jail for possessing pictures of children having sex for Chrissakes! Under any other circumstances, this would be called a Child-Rape Ring!

We would let these guys walk the streets? Looks to me like we are.

If you have a frock, I guess it’s okay to physically molest children because, why? You are a representative of Christ? The Separation of Church and State? Maybe it’s a Mafia thing and the DA’s worried about getting popped? Wait a minute, you’re talking PRIESTS here, firetender.

You’re right; child molesters have definite scruples when it comes to harming adults! Maybe it’s because adults can defend themselves and don’t buy into the “man of God” thing so easily.

As Men of Christ, logic dictates that they would be held to a higher standard by everyone, especially themselves. But no, for some reason they are granted something more than Diplomatic Immunity, let’s call it Ecclesiastic Immunity and we, the people, grant it to them.

It’s an Insanity Defense but what’s insane is that WE are defending THEM.

Let them get their Due Process, but like the average Joe Child Molester, let them be escorted from jail, and enter Court in handcuffs.

Why is NO ONE talking about this as if these priests had committed CRIMINAL acts?

The Grand Jury comes back with findings, so the Church “suspends” 21…

oh, I’m sorry, did I say TWENTY-FRIKKIN’-ONE! priests?

Who are they, anyway? I thought there was a mandatory registration of sex offenders? Guess that doesn’t count with priests; we can’t even have access to their names!

Could I possibly be the only one who is questioning this? What is the DA waiting for?


6 Responses to “Child Molesting with no Consequences? Get Frocked!”

  1. frank Says:

    … more on Philadelphia

    What is unfolding between the Church and State in Philly may be ‘ground zero’ in forcing the Church beyond lip service, platitudes and homilies to the sickening and disgusting cancer of child abuse that engulfs it. Even though the dialogue is nowhere yet close to abuse by nuns, this could be the thin edge of the wedge that splits asunder the frighteningly powerful edifice of the Catholic Church.

    … a reasoned and respected voice

    Marci A. Hamilton is the Paul R. Verkuil Chair in Public Law, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University and author of Justice Denied: What America Must Do to Protect Its Children (Cambridge, 2008) and God vs. the Gavel: Religion and the Rule of Law (Cambridge, 2005, 2007). She writes a weekly column on, a website on religion.

    Here is what she wrote this week about the extent of the Church’s coverup, secrecy, non-co-operation … and what the prosecutors will need to do to get the truth out:

    Philadelphia Dysfunction and Guam Success
    The Archdiocese’s apparent release of all the files pertinent to the Grand Jury Report begs some questions.
    By Marci A. Hamilton, March 09, 2011
    Yesterday, Cardinal Rigali, the leader of the Philadelphia Archdiocese, announced that he was taking decisive action to respond to the charges in the 2011 Grand Jury Report that there are thirty-seven credibly accused priests in active ministry. He had already named and suspended three priests, because the Report named them, and he had literally no choice.


  2. frank Says:

    … and just to add further perspective

    Church/court struggle over priests goes back centuries
    March 10, 2011
    By Kenneth Briggs

    One side benefit of Oscar season is that Turner Classic Movies shows statue winners for a whole month. Among the gems I caught last month was the 1964 shouting-in-the-castle classic, Becket, in which the irrepressible archbishop of Canterbury loses the battle to Henry II but wins the war.


  3. George Says:

    Firetender, after that earthquake in Japan I heard that Maui had high water. Hope you are someplace safe and it didn’t affect you. Let us know.

  4. frank Says:

    YouTube video opened my eyes …

    I am in absolutely no doubt that the issue of child abuse and how it is handled in the Catholic Church is both structural and systemic… that is to say, it is and has been an ongoing and widespread issue… and the organisation has people/roles, processes and systems in place to handle it. What I had no idea about was how long this had been going on for.

    Apart from a few well-known apologists who trivialise the abuse and the abused, the rest of humanity is disgusted and horrified at what happened to the abused and also at how widespread and long-standing the phenomenon is. Many are also disgusted and horrified as it is becoming increasingly clear how secretive, malevolent and sophisticated the Church is in dealing with the issue.

    One of the things I personally failed to appreciate — and indeed had a mistaken view about — is the time frame around this issue… and in rereading what others have written throughout the firetender’s blog, many other contributors are in the same boat. Most of us reference this phenomenon in a timeframe going back several decades or maybe to the turn of last century and the experience of those institutionalised in the Catholic system.

    But no, the paper trail of Church documents on child abuse goes back to its very beginning. If you need any more evidence that this issue is part of the fabric of the organisation — and not just a wayward fringe group of homosexuals who have been morally misled by the modernised, secular world we live in over the past 15 years, as the current Pope would have you believe — this is it!

    Here is an excellent, short YouTube video that chronicles the history of how the Church has responded over 2000 years to the child abuse cancer that has rotted its core.

  5. frank Says:

    “Ex-Catholic brother guilty of sex assault”

    Here is another case where the Church did its level best to protect the offender, to withhold information, and not report a crime. It is amazing this guy was convicted. Have a close read of the newspaper article about what evidence existed but the jury was NOT allowed to hear.

    “A FORMER Catholic brother has been found guilty of molesting a teenager he was counselling after the youth was sexually assaulted by another man.

    William Stanley Irwin told the jury he had never been to St Stanislaus College in Bathurst (Australia) with the youth, let alone assault him there.

    Irwin’s relatives cried today as the New South Wales District Court jury found the 55-year-old guilty of two counts of gross indecency on a male under the age of 18 in the mid-1980s.”

    Read more:

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