OMG What Did I DO?

I think I goofed, or Providence stuck its finger where the sun don’t shine in me!

While doing a Google search for new articles, I came across this…

So I read the article and its comments. In the comments were a couple of people, just like us, who caught the whip and hadn’t much talked about it.

Thusly inspired, I wrote this and tried to add it in as a comment:

There are incredible numbers of people who have been abused by Catholic Nuns. The priest scandal is BARELY the tip of the iceberg indicating a core sickness in the basic execution of the Catholic Church.

The Church, by not facing its underlying problems, like a child-molester, should be banned from having any contact whatsoever with children. There is NOTHING that has changed in the way they do things to indicate our children are safe in their care. Every piece of evidence shows avoidance of responsibility while minimizing the financial impact on their institution.

But that’s only my point-of-view, and it’s part of a much larger movement who’s time has come.

In 2009 I wrote a piece for my “a firetender’s blog”. It was just meant to vent a bit of my pain, having been a victim of what I understood to be a “cultural reality” of my times; the license granted to nuns of the Catholic faith to physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually abuse children. This was my reality and like so many of my peers, I’ve spent my LIFE sorting through, facing, and working through the traumas.

Something like this happened; one morning, I checked in to my barely used blog and I found 50 comments, including MANY stories of similar abuses! And SO many of them were my brothers and sisters, my peers, now somewhere in around their Sixth Decade on the planet, talking about this stuff FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME!

This thing is growing and we need your help. Here’s why: We haven’t really had permission to share our stories. They are so unbelievable and we’ve had to build up so many defenses around them that the only people who could begin to grasp the impact these influences had on our lives are those who’ve suffered through it themselves.

But this ain’t about suffering!

Please visit and contribute! The blog has grown into a resource AND safe-haven for the expression of honest feelings and experiences. Its purpose is to provide a venue for people to make their experiences real and begin talking about them and working through them. It offers new perspectives and — not by my design but by its natural evolution — is becoming a place where people come to help each other!

That is the fire I’m getting called on to tend.

I realized this site is not about protest or vengeance on the Church or anyone. That’s an energy-suck. But I’m from Brooklyn and I always have a hidden agenda; I figure if we put all our focus and attention on helping each other, MANY MORE of us will show up, WORD WILL GET OUT, PEOPLE WILL LISTEN and the next step will be revealed to us.

Everything else will take its proper place from there. I have faith in it.

And then I tried to get it posted but something, I don’t know what, screwed it up, or no confirmation came through or maybe, it actually went through.

The first thing I realized is I forgot to put in the URL for this blog, I put in my URL, but that’s okay, they can probably Google us!

THEN, scrolling to the top of the article to see if I missed anything, I saw the name of the on-line publication I tried to put this in to:


We may have just parachuted into enemy territory. And then again…


4 Responses to “OMG What Did I DO?”

  1. Christine La Vasseur Helrigel Says:

    o my goodness, Russell. o wow wow. everyone on this blog is articulate. one can’t help but feel excited. especially since you didn’t even look first, who knows if you would have leapt, it sounds like you are saying. kewl. really kewl.

  2. colleen Says:

    Oh my,
    Commenting on the National Catholic Reporter is kind of shocking and funny at the same time. It will be interesting to see if your post is actually allowed to be shown. Maybe this was all meant to be.

  3. Christine La Vasseur Helrigel Says:

    Russell, you gave me courage to add a comment to an article at that I would not have if you hadn’t inadvertently written to the National Catholic Reporter.

    Randall Hoven put up an article called ‘The priest and the altar boy, hah ha ha’ about the jokes on late night tv about priestly pedophilia. Many comments were from Catholics who claimed to have attended RC schools or been altar boys and never abused. The tone of the article struck me the same way, with all the incidents Hoven mentioned using the term ‘catholic’ schools actually took place in public schools. ‘Don’t always blame the catholics.’

    I ventured in to describe my finding this list after typing in ‘dominican nuns, abuse’ in the search engine, and that there are many of us out here dealing all kinds of abuse, not just sexual. If anyone ventures to the site, my pen name is ‘chichilouise.’ Every time we add a response to any article we can, maybe someone who needs to hear will read it. If you had not gone first, Russ, I would have still been thinking no one would believe us and kept my thoughts to myself on this subject.

  4. nancy kimble Says:

    There are worse errors than “parachuting into enemy territory.” And those “errors” are the abuse we have given voice to…that refuse to be heard.
    That’s why we’re no longer “catholics.” Or “pretend” to be….just as that church “pretends” we don’t exist.
    Forgive yourself.

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