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Did some Googling and came up with evidence that we’re not alone. Until I figure out a way to make resource sections more clear, if you have something to add, chime in with a BRIEF description and a LINK.

1) article re: nun’s abuse by an organization I’ll have to look more closely at SNAP which has been focusing on abuse by priests:

2) Another SNAP survivor’s Network focusing on nuns


More Info from SNAP

4) AND there’s no reason NOT to be aware of a contributing factor, NOT to let them off the hook but to illustrate sexual abuse is EMBEDDED in the Church, here’s an article on how they get as sick as they do!

5) and MORE on that…

6) Here’s another Abuse by Nuns Blog on WordPress, a year old

7) Just to ruin your lunch; More Horrors from Ireland:

8) Holy Moly; some actually paid off!


the 1st 2011 post; may there be many more!



(At this point in my life, I really seek to understand the bigger picture. This is one more piece to the puzzle in my discovery of the culture of which I was a part and victim of.

13) (Mar. 2010)


(Somebody sued!)

Here’s that National Catholic Review online

Here’s an interesting overview of current issues, with lots of valuable links.


A whole lot more people are talking. I’m adding these to our archive,

Abuse by Women Religious (nuns and sisters)  from SNAP

Catholic nuns also abused children

Lawsuit accuses Montana Nuns of child abuse

Roman Catholic Nuns torture & abuse children at Orphanages VIMEO video

Nuns among worst perpetrators of horrific violence and sex abuse in Jesuit-run schools and missions on Indian reservations

Sexual abuse by nuns may be last taboo (Ann Free Spirit has many entries regarding this!)

I told a lie and the nun beat me repeatedly with scissors’: Child abuse victim reveals his horror past

Catholic Nuns sexually abused children as much as priests (Video)

Victims of Nun’s Sex Abuse Need Our Compassion, Too

Nun abuse case held up by kids

Vatican’s worst enemy can’t be stopped

Nuncrimes at Blogspot


5 Responses to “Resources/Referrals Nuns Abuse”

  1. firetender Says:

    Here’s another article from 2008

    Something happened somewhere, and of course, Sex gets the attention…Sigh!

  2. frank Says:
    This is an Irish TV documentary aired on Jan 17, 2011 which clearly but very gently shines the light on the Vatican’s role in covering up and mishandling sexual abuse by priests. Once you see this you will understand why they would not spare a single thought for the issue of child abuse perpetrated by nuns, even if that abuse was sexual.

  3. frank Says:
    Australia’s Cardinal Pell – the orchestrator of church protection of pedophile clergy, cover-ups, deflection, trivialisation of child abuse, spin and more spin – admonishing politicians to adhere to church teachings and morality in legislating (abortion, gay marriage, etc). Of all the people to be lecturing . . . !!!!

  4. oscar Says:

    you are doing yeoman’s service in providing information about abuse by nuns when all the headlines give a hearing only to abuse by priests.

    However, you cite the National Catholic Reporter as a resource, specifically its abuse-by -nuns blog page.

    I visited that page and found this skeptical comment. I was going to reply but realized my reply will be tracked and attributed to me whenever someone Googles my name.

    Here is the ludicrous comment posted on ncronline, not at all supportive of people who have been abused by nuns. I think you should remove ncronline from your support chronology since it offeres only ridicule instead of support to people who have been abused by nuns.

    “Submitted by paulte (not verified) on Aug. 10, 2010.
    It might be more accurate to say “alleged” victims of sexual abuse by nuns. In terms of sexual abuse males are the usual perpretrators. Sexual abuse by women is rare although we see some of it today in terms of female teachers having sexual intercourse with teenage boys. But this is a relatively new phenomenom as our culture sinks into further decay.

    The claims of sexual abuse go way back in the past when female public school teachers were certainly not having sex with anyone outside of marriage let alone teenage boys. How likely is it that the nuns with a vow of chastity were pulling this modern stunt? The abuse crisis has provided fertile ground for sick & dysfunctional people in our society to bring warped claims into the public square.”

    • firetender Says:

      Here are the personal testimonies of individuals abused by Catholic Nuns. They include a litany of abuses way beyond sexual. Here, we’ve got evidence from all over the world of a sick system. Place that side-by-side with the Catholic Reporter and it shows clearly how blind faith refuses to see fault in perpetrators who wear sacred clothing.

      On the contrary, I think the Catholic Reporter deserves such attention here. Especially while it features posts that try to deflect attention away from the multitudinous kinds of abuse supported by the Church and offers a “vow of Chastity” as evidence enough that nuns couldn’t possibly wreak the damage they have. Happy to hear your voice!

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