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The Pope was in on the Fun!

March 13, 2010

Lovely article here being quite clear that the policies of the Catholic Church go right to the top, and, since the Pope is God’s representative on Earth (is the guy still considered infallible? or did that aspect get de-frocked the same way they left poor St. Christopher up Shit’s Creek without a Halo!), that speaks volumes of the character of God!

I am so thankful for each of you who have shared your truths here, acknowledging the abusive practices are widespread, and now, clearly International.

No Priest enters in to the Priesthood with the intention of participating in child abuse. No Nun would do the same.

(Of course, I still hold to a Child’s-eye view of the world!)

But once they are IN, they are initiated into a sort of Secret Society; exposed to moments of abuse modeled by their Elders/Peers, and then, quietly tucked away. A “Don’t Ask; Don’t Tell” atmosphere must had to have been institutionalized ages ago.

We are human, after all, and for those men and women who sacrifice so much for Christ, well, I guess they deserve a little Perk now and again.